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The inauguration of a democratic government in Nigeria some years ago has opened more windows of opportunity in the Procurement, Construction, and Oil & Gas sector for genuine and committed companies, thereby increasing private sector participation in the economy.

Osep© Energy aims to be a force and significant player across the entire value chain of procurement, and construction, oil & gas industry in Nigeria specifically, and West Africa.

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We offer World class Training to our Field Service Engineers.

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Osep Energy is a company that values creativity in Service Execution

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Osep Energy produces and delivers its services in accordance with laid-down procedures.

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Teamwork at Osep Energy strengthens our fortitude.

Founded in 2015


Our Engineers are over 25 years experience in industry

This led to the creation of a dynamic organization dedicated to giving the Nigerian Procurement, Construction, Oil & Gas industry much-needed local participation and increased local content

Industrial 90%
Construction 80%
Remodeling 70%


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Fiber Glass Reinforced Epoxy Piping Systems

The GRE service unit has a wide range of activities that cut across business acquisition, business planning, and GRE project procurement.
We Sell & Hire GRE Tools and Equipment.